mkfsconf, mknvrsafe, mkfsboot – build file server boot media


disk/mkfsconfig < cfg > cfgpart
disk/mknvrsafe [ –c config ]
disk/mkfsboot [ –m mbr ][ –p pbs ][ –l loader ] /dev/sdnn


These programs assist in setting up boot media for the file server. Media prepared with these programs will be ready to use once authentication information is entered at boot time.
Mknvrsafe prepares an nvram file which points to the file server's config device. See fs(8) for device specifications.
The file server configuration block itself may be written with mkfsconf. Care must be taken when placing this block on disk, since the file server's block size is typically not a divisor of the media block size.
Mkfsboot builds a bootable 386 image from configuration in the current directory on the image /dev/sdnn. The file fsconfig is the file server configuration and the directory 9fat contains at least the files loader, 9conffs, plan9.ini, fs.nvr. The default MBR, PBS and boot loader are /386/mbr, /386/pbs, /386/9load, respectively.


To prepare an nvram file given the file server configuration file fsconfig,
# format properly without password
disk/mknvrsafe –c `{sed –n 's:^config (.*):\1:p' < fsconfig} |
dd –conv sync –of 9fat/fs.nvr
And to write the configuration block to the partition fsconfig,
# need to add Tconfig tag
grep –v '^config' fsconfig | disk/mkfsconfig |
dd –of $d/fsconfig –oseek $offset




authsrv(2), fs(8), fsconfig(8)


Mkfsconf should not assume a 8192 byte block or require outside help to align partitions properly. Only works for 386 machines.