flashpart, flashprep – partition and prepare flash partitions


[ –vIWK ] [ –i plan9.ini ] [ –k kernel ] [ –e erasesz ]


These programs assist in dealing with on–board flash. Flashpart uses the environment variable flashnpart to partition the flash device #Fn. The variable is formatted as a sequence of partitions seperated by /. Each partition is described by the space–seperated 3–tuple of name, start offset and end offset.
The flashprep tool builds a stand–alone bootable flash with nvram, plan9.ini(8) and a kernel then emits a u–boot boot command for the image and attempts to create the appropriate partitions in #Fn. For ease of management, each element is put in a seperate flash erase unit. The erase size is read from #Fn but may be overridden with –e. The default configuration file is /cfg/pxe/ ea and may be changed with the –i flag. The default kernel is /arm/9plug and may be changed with the –k flag.
Partitions may be s With –I only plan9.ini is rewritten. With –W only the nvram is rewritten.


auth(8), booting(8), flash(3), flashfs(4), plan9.ini(8), sd(3)