cpuid – x86 cpuid instriction


cpuid [ –w mach ] [–efisvt] [–n fn]


Cpuid prints out information gleaned from the Intel CPUID instruction. A function number may be specified with the –n flag. Alternatively, a few known functions are available
e     decode extended feature information from function 0x80000001.
f     decode feature information from function 1.
i     print the informational brand string gathered from functions 0x80000002–6.
s     print the processor signature returned in AX from function 0x01 in raw form and also as family.model.stepping.
v     print the manufacturer's identification string returned by function 0x00.
t     Intel only? print the X2APIC processor topology.


chula; aux/cpuid –t
thread      00000001 00000002 00000100 00000000
core        00000004 00000008 00000201 00000000
mach0       apic 00000000
mach1       apic 00000002
mach2       apic 00000004
mach3       apic 00000006
4 machs inactive




Functions are architecture and vendor specific.