sftpfs – SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) file system


sftpfs [ –12DU ] [ –m mntpt ] [ –p srvpath ] [ –s svc ] [ –u passwd group ] [user@]host


Sftpfs connects to the SFTP subsystem of the SSH server at host, and presents the root file tree of host at mntpt. The default mount point is /n/host.
If the –s option is given, the file system is posted as /srv/svc. It will try to login as user, if given. Otherwise, login is attempted using the user name from /dev/user. Authentication is entirely the reponsibility of the SSH client.
The –1 –2 flags specify the SSH version used for the connection. Serverpath (default /usr/lib/sftp–server) specifies the remote path of the SFTP server used in version 1. A path without slash character is looked up in the executable search path. Some common places for SFTP server to live are:
Passwd and group specifies path to the Unix password and group files, to be used for UID/GID to name translation. The paths are interpreted after the file system is mounted, so paths starting with mntpt are acceptable. The –U option uses mntpt/etc/passwd and mntpt/etc/group as the Unix password and group file. It overrides the –u flag.
The –D flag causes a transcript of the 9P conversation to be written to standard error.




ssh1(1), ssh2(1), srv(4).