latcmp – compare latitudes


latcmp [ –m ] [ –l lat lng ] ... [ file ... ]


Latcmp computes the distance in meters between two points on the earth using Thaddeus Vincenty's formula using the WGS–84 parameters. Divergent cases are approximated with the Haversine formula. The default starting point is taken from /lib/sky/here and can be overridden with the –l option. A second –l option specifies the comparison point. Files passed on the command line are expected to have one comparison point per line. Leading and trailing text is ignored. A point consists of two floating–point numbers, representing the latitude and longitude in degrees, separated by whitespace. The sign is negative for latitude South of the equator, and longitude West of the Prime Meridian.
For each point after the first, the geodesic distance in meters to the first is computed. The output is the input line (or the point, if specified on the command line) a tab and the distance between that point and the first. The –m flag only prints the point closest to the first. The –q flag prints only the geodesic distance.